I’m excited to announce that I will be accepting another round of commissions!

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This is a rather smutty piece, and so I’ve hidden it behind a click-through. Either click here or click the image above to see everything in full.

This was commissioned by forgodssakejohn, based upon a scene At the Bottom of the Pool, written by .

I thoroughly enjoyed working on this project, and hope to do more pieces like it in the future!

[ process animation - NSFW! ]

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Depression is a lot like drowning — except, if you hold your breath long enough, you begin to forget what having lungfuls of air was like in the first place.

Self portrait (September 2014).

Portrait of jazz legend Nina Simone, painted as a commission for a friend.

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[ process ]

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I suppose I have now, haven’t I?

[ more fem!lock ]

I received a very kind message from johix this morning — thank you!

[ more fem!lock ]

"Would you believe it’s an experiment, Joan?"

"Not really, no."

[ more fem!lock ]

I guess the problem is that I can’t go to our favourite restaurant and just order the regular anymore — not really. Not without her. Don’t have the appetite for half a dozen dumplings on my own, either.

So then I start thinking of all the little things that I miss. And then I hope that one day I won’t have to, because once I start I can’t stop.

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Bruce sleeps when he can.

He spent years of his life in favelas and similar slums, jerking awake at the slightest sounds and struggling to keep his heart rate down. New York has its own sounds, but not all of them sound like the American military.

Most of them sound like Tony, trying to tinker his trauma away. He’s manic, starting several new projects and prototypes before finishing the first, all the while dismissing JARVIS’ nannying and the doctor’s soft-spoken concerns.

For at least a little while, they have an unspoken agreement to talk about little else outside of work. If they do, it’s usually brief and incidental, almost accidental. Tony pretends that nothing’s wrong, and Bruce is kind enough to pretend he isn’t worried.

In the end, Tony is the better actor.

“Can’t sleep?” he casually asks late one night, even though his own eyes look like two bruises pressed into a skull. Still, the engineer gets up from his work bench and starts wiping down his hands before Bruce can say ‘reaction formation’.

“Could use a night light,” he says instead.

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Living in Canada, I don’t get to vote and don’t have much of say in the whole ordeal … and yet, I still can’t seem to escape the debate. Or Piers Morgan’s belligerent tweets.

This is a commission for a client (which I’m still tutting over because of those cheekbones).

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